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Family Diomedeidae


Phoebastria immutabilis

Midway Atoll

Albino, Sea Life Park, Oahu


Midway Atoll

Ka'ena Point NAR, Oahu


Ka'ena Point NAR, Oahu


Regurgitated squid beaks


Eating dead flyingfish




Pale morph, Midway Atoll

Dance - sky-pointing


Chick playing with regurgitated plastic


Dance - jaw clapping


Dance - honking

Dance - sky-pointing


Dead egg


Dead after collision with Casuarina tree

Late June -

many chicks die of starvation




Chick near dead egg

Flight practice


Confused Laysan dancing with Blackfoot


Parents with chick

Tired adult


Youngsters' dance practice


Dance - underarm check

Dance - jaw clap / sky-point


Dance - nuzzling


Dance - underarm check / honking

Dance - underarm check / honking


Dance - sky-pointing

Cooling off on a hot day


Eastern Island, Midway Atoll

Adult & two youngsters, Bulky Dump

Tired adult, Rusty Bucket


Harbor Sign



Approximately 874,000 nest primarily on sandy dunes & flat ground in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands during winter & spring.  An increasing number of pairs also nest at Kilauea Point, Kaua'i & Ka'ena Point, Oahu.  Feeds upon squid & small fishes, fish eggs, & carrion in the North Pacific.  A vulnerable species due to mortalities caused by interactions with longline fishing gear & ingestion of marine debris.  Special measures are required of US vessels to reduce this threat.  A few nests now exist on the Japanese Bonin Islands & Mexican offshore islands.