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Updated 5/8/2021

Family Cheloniidae


Eretmochelys imbricata

Okinawa Aquarium

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, 60 feet

Utulei, Tutuila, American Samoa


Kahekili Beach, Maui

Palau, 30 feet

HAWKSBILL TURTLE      honu 'ea

Critically endangered species rarely encountered around Hawaii, but may be seen along outer reef dropoffs of the Tropical Pacific where it feeds upon sponge, stinging cnidarians, and algae.  It nests on a few isolated beaches.  Best identified by the serrated shell margin and sharp angular jaw.  Hunted to near-extinction despite being potentially toxic due to poisonous compounds which occur in its food.  Attains carapace length of three feet.  Warm seas worldwide.