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Family Elopidae

Tenpounders, Ladyfishes

Closely related to Tarpon, Ladyfishes are extremely light for their size and strong swimmers.  When hooked these fishes will run fast and perform aerobatics in an effort to dislodge the hook.  Like Milkfishes and Bonefishes they have a single dorsal fin and deeply forked tails but their mouths are large and the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper.  This type of mouth is suited for feeding upon fishes in the water column.  Full of tiny bones, they have dry flesh that is best prepared as fishcake.



Elops hawaiensis



Family Megalopidae


Tarpon are inhabit shallow inshore waters including mangroves and rivers where they feed upon fish and crustaceans.  Although the bony flesh is poor eating they are prized by sport fishers for their tremendous power and aerobatics.  They differ from Ladyfishes by having large scales and lacking an adipose fin.



Megalops atlanticus